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LUUV Camera Stabilizing System Eliminates Shaky Videos


It seems like thousands of GoPro and Smartphone action videos are uploaded to YouTube everyday, but only a few are shake free. Most action videos are filled with bouncing images as the photographer walks, runs, twists, and turns to captured the action. LUUV was created by an action photographer to solve his shaky video issues. LUUV separates the camera from your hand so images become solidly shake free. LUUV works with any action camera or your smartphone. You hold onto the pistol grip handle, use your fingers to rotate or flip you camera, and do it all with zero shakes.

LUUV looks like an old bicycle horn, but provides amazing capability for action video enthusiasts. The LUUV system will begin shipping mid 2015, but you can preorder one today for $269.

LUUV camera stabilizer



Via HiConsumption and LUUV