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Luxury Electric Vehicles for Kids by Henes

henes broon f8

You might drive a Porsche, a Ferrari, a Mercedes, for a Lincoln, but you are about to be in for a case of serious jealousy, all thanks to a kids toy car. The Broon F8 is no ordinary kids car. This tiny car packs more technology than most high-tech cars built for adults. It starts with an Android control center in the dash for the kids to watch videos, control the car, and more, but that is nothing. As you strip away the layers of this tiny car you are astounded by the details in comfort, body design, suspension, braking, the power plant, and every other detail. The car even comes equipped with an HDMI connector so your kids can run simulations on the big screen while they drive.

As your eyes pour over the car, you will start envisioning this is what cars will be like in 10 years, but for your kids, that reality is today. You can learn more on Henes’s website.





Via Luxatic and Henes