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Lying Down Laptop Stand

lying down laptop stand

How do you want to work with your laptop? We love to use our laptop everywhere. Standing at the bar, sitting at the table, in bed, but how do you deal with it when you want to lay down? Now a clever company, Uncaged Ergonomics, has created a clever solution. The Lying Down Laptop Stand lets you lay flat on your back an put your laptop angled in front of your, upside down, or in almost any position you can imagine. What makes this stand even more incredible is the other numerous positions it can transform to. You can use it to elevate you laptop on your desktop, as a bedside table, so you can raise the laptop to standing level. When they say “Uncaged” they truly mean ¬†you get the freedom to use you laptop the way you want.

This helpful laptop stand sell on Amazon under the guise of the WorkEZ Executive and sells for $65.

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