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Magic Knife Box Stand by Mikko Senna

magic knife box

Yes, I know. Every kitchen utensil has a magic version. The Magic Knife, the Magic Chef, so what makes the Magic Knife Box from Mikko Senna magical? Because it does not claim to do anything magical other than look magical. The box is a recreation of the Magic Sword Act. Each time you put a knife in your holder you are thrusting it through the body of your Magician’s Assistant. It is not trickery or advertising hype this time, but real-life enjoyment. The knife holder works just like you want, but gives you the added joy of entertainment, which is what makes it magical.

The Magic Knife Box Stand from Mikko Senna sells for $60. It is made from MDF, ABF, and stainless steel and that means you can toss it in the dishwasher to get it clean.

magic knife box

Via The Fancy