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Magnetucks – Keep Your Shirt Securely in Your Pants


Do your favorite dress shirts have that horrible habit of sliding up out of your waistline, billowing, making  you look untidy and paunchy? Magnetucks is a fascinating way to keep your shirt in place, without the discomfort of other systems. The Magnetucks uses actual magnets to help keep your shirts tucked away in the proper place so you always look like a million dollars, or at least $100,000. Magnetucks are even inexpensive to add to your wardrobe accessories. You can buy a set of these clever shirt restrainers for just $30.

Magnetucks are two piece magnets with one piece attaching on the inside of your shirt, the domed side on the outside. The domes hits your belt line and stops the shirt from moving. No more re-tucking your shirt throughout the day, even if you are showcasing your moves on the dance floor.

Via HiConsumption and Magnetuck