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Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One

marvel cinematic universe phase one

Imagine you are one of the Marvel Comic heroes. You run for the door grabbing your metal gear case as you race for your next adventure. Ok, so maybe you are not a superhero by Marvel is planning on you having everything you need to feel like one and to live the experience in the comfort of your home. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One is an incredible bundle Marvel is putting together.

The bundle includes a complete Blu-Ray library of all the Marvel Avenger movies including Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers. The plan is to have them all packaged inside a metallic looking briefcase filled with mission folders, gadgets, and your own Tesseract of Power.

This incredible deal was slated to start shipping out this fall but is now slipped to next spring. In true superhero fashion Marvel made a tactical error and did not license the case with the originator. Do not worry, you can be sure the heroes at Marvel’s headquarters are scrambling to solve the issue and get this awesome collector’s item in our hands. Who knows, we might be blessed by the delay with a few extra gadgets or movies along the way.

Via Uncrate and Amazon