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Master Lock Digital DialSpeed Padlock

master lock digital padlock

Master Lock has completely changed the way you will view padlocks. Their new DialSpeed padlock uses digital technology and a fast action system for unlocking your treasured possessions. The DialSpeed can have 4 separate combinations configured to allow you to share your locker, gun case, or other indoor cabinets without giving away your own secret combination.

To make sure you are never at risk of losing your combination the padlock includes a master combination code which is maintained in the Master Lock Vault online.

Many high-tech locking systems are just toys which can be broken in moments, not this incredible lock. This Master Lock is over 2″ wide of solid metal. The shackle is created from boron carbide making it nearly impossible to break.

The padlock is powered by a tiny coin battery, the commonly found CR2032, which is predicted to last a full five years. The is one important warning. This lock is only for indoor use and must be kept away from water. The internal electronics can be damaged by moisture making the lock inoperable.

This cool digital padlock is available from Master Lock for only $24.99 and includes free shipping.

Via Master Lock