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Matchbox Case for iPhone by IndieCases

Matchbox iPhone 4 Case

IndieCases is one of those independent creative thinking companies who never fails to wow their fans.  They create some of the best iPhone 4 cases on the market including the Matchbox Case for the iPhone. This colorful case is created to look just like you are carrying a box of matches in your pocket instead of an Apple iPhone.  There is one big challenge with the beautiful designed cases from IndieCases.  You have to be prepared to move fast. They release new cases every week which are all just as startingly refreshing as the matchbox case. They list only the last few weeks of cases on their website and then they disappear into history.  The cases are built strong and will last for a long time. Each design is created by indpendent artists and created in very limited quantities.  If you want to catch a design before it is sold out you must watch for the weekly announcements on IndieCases Tumblr.

Can be bought on IndieCases for approximately $33.