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Mattel Reveals Secret Line of Blasters That was 3 Years in the Making


Mattel has just released a new series of safe dart blasters that are taking aim at Nerf’s dominance of the market. The Mattel BoomCo blasters  have two features that are likely to make Nerf developers sweat bullets for the next few months. The Mattel BoomCo blasters do the unthinkable and actually shoot straight, hitting the target with far greater accuracy than any other blasters on the market, but that’s not the coolest innovation.

The best feature is the new dart tips created in Mattel’s ChemLab. The dart tips paired with BoomCo targets, stick to the target on every hit. The tips and targets are created with complementary materials which stick on contact and stay stuck until you pull them apart. Amazingly, the darts are not sticky to  your fingers, clothing, or other surfaces. Watch this cool videos, and then get ready for some new blaster fun this summer with Mattel’s BoomCo.

Image above: Rapid Madness

Twisted Spinner


Dual Defender


Via Fast Code Design and BoomCo