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Mega Hammock – The Hammock Big Enough for a Block Party

mega hammock

Laying around in the backyard in your hammock is a great way to spend a lazy summer day, but it might be a bit lonely. You could of course get a double-wide hammock and share it with a loved one, but even that is a bit limiting. The Mega Hammock from Hummingbird Hammocks tosses all of those limitations to the side and turns your backyard into a fantastic getaway for the entire neighborhood. This massive hammock is designed to hold 3 people comfortably, but as you can see in the picture a few more could easily join in. The hammock is made from FAA approved rip-stop parachute nylon to guarantee it is tough enough to handle all the fun.

Our biggest concern is if you have big enough trees to handle the Mega Hammock and all the fun it could bring to your backyard. Of course, you could always put up a few massive poles anchored in concrete.

Via Uncrate and Hummingbird Hammocks on Etsy