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Memobottle – The Skinny Bottle For Your Laptop Bag


You would probably love to carry some water, iced tea, or other beverage along on your commute to the office, but you do not like the hassle of carrying a bottle. Memobottle is the skinny solution to your problem. Memobottle is a watertight bottle that is approximately the size of a table of paper and just a little thicker. It is built from BPA free Tritan to make sure it is tough enough to handle the thumps and bumps of a commute and still stay leak-proof.

Memobottle comes in 3 different sizes, A5, A4, and Letter. Yes, they match the dimensions of a sheet of office paper. You can just drop your water bottle into your laptop bag, briefcase, or valise and keep your other hand free. Memobottle is a KickStarter project with pre-orders for A5 bottles starting as low as $22.






Via KickStarter