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Miniot Wood iPad Cover

miniot wood ipad case

What is beautiful natural wood, rolls, bends, and is a perfect match for your Apple iPad? The Miniot Wood iPad Cover may have you staring in amazement when you first see one. The beautiful wood grain looks tremendous covering the screen of your iPad. It provides a water and dust proof seal to keep your iPad safe. What is really fun is when you are ready to use your iPad. You just fold and roll the natural wood cover out of the way and it becomes a high-quality iPad stand.

Miniot uses a set of magnets cleverly built-in to the cover and the protective lining. The magnets allow the cover to grip your iPad securely and stay sealed in place. The standard Miniot Wood iPad Cover retails for $71 and is offered in 5 different colors of wood. If you want something a little more unique you can combine different colors of wood and liners to make your own custom cover. The design your own option retails for $97.

Via Miniot