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Mister Tea Infuser

mister tea infuser

Who is that little guy that’s always hanging around in that brown water hot tub? That is the Mister Tea Infuser taking a quick dip in your mug of hot water and leaking delicious brown goodness out of his pants. Now, that sounds a little be frightening, but the results are fantastic.

The Mister Tea Infuser is another clever gadget from Fred & Friends. This lazy little man has silicone rubber pants filled with holes, sounds a little kinky. You open up the Mister Tea Infuser, add your favorite loose leaf tea, seal him up, and then hook his arms over the edge of your mug. He looks relaxed as he takes a hot soak in the boiling hot water unleashing the tea’s goodness.

When he has finished leaking tea into the water, you just grab his arm, help him out of the cup, and let him take a leisurely nap on your kitchen table until you are ready to wash the dishes. No more boring cups of tea all alone. Now you have a new little buddy that enjoys tea just as much as you.

mister tea infuser

You can grab a Mister Tea Infuser for $19.99 from Amazon