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Mo Mugs

mo mugs

No mo’ throwing those styrofoam cups in the trash.  No mo’ getting your fingers scalded on a paper cup without a cardboard sleeve. It is time to get one of the cool Mo Mugs and smile as you enjoy the mustached mayhem of drinking your coffee in an eco-friendly method.

The Mo Mugs were originally designed to give you an option to quit using the earth destroying paper and plastic cups that you pick up every time your drop into the convenience store or maybe even in your office break room. Mo Mugs use a ceramic cup that is designed to look like your styrofoam cup, but can be used forever. Even the lid looks like one of those wimpy plastic lids, but now it is an eco-friendly silicon lid. The cup uses a air divided chamber to provide added insulation and to protect your fingers from the heat.

The only shocking thing about these fun mustached cups is their price. At $45 a piece it will take a long time to recoup your investment, but at least you are saving the environment and looking cool at the same time.

Via Mo Mugs