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Moleskin Simpsons Notebook


Notebooks are relatively boring. No we are not talking about Mac’s, Dell Laptops, or Chromebooks, we are talking about that most boring of office and school requirements, a notebook filled with paper, at least it was boring until Moleskin stepped in. Moleskin has released a new Simpsons Notebook that will have you ready to jot notes, or at least doodle Simpsons characters during those dull meetings. The notebook includes a map of the Simpson’s world, Simpson’s stickers in the clever pocket, a bright yellow cover with the Simpsons, and more hidden treasures.

If you want to kick boredom out of note taking while showing your passion for America’s longest running television show, you better hurry. The Moleskin Simpsons Notebook is a limited edition item priced at only $19.95.




Via Visual News and Moleskin