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Monster DiamondZ Headphones


What is your criteria for choosing a set of great headphones for listening to your music collection? Style may not be a the top of your list, but we bet it makes the list. The latest edition of Monster’s DiamondZ headphones are packed with style with their gem cut appearance and with a wide range of colors including clear blue, rose gold, chrome, and black chrome, but is that what you are really looking for?

The DiamondZ’s are not only designed to look good, they are excellent quality headphones packed with Monster’s Pure Monster Sound Technology and tuned by their audio specialist Noel Lee. Toss in a cleaning kit, a carrying case, and stellar sound reproduction and you have headphones that not only look great on your head, but are a pleasure to the ears. While the name DiamondZ may sound feminine, the sound blasting from these headphones is just sheer pleasure. Monster’s DiamondZ sell on Amazon for $299.95.

Via Ubergizmo and Amazon