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Most Expensive Rubik’s Cube in the World

most expensive rubiks cube

Diamond Cutters International founder and CEO, Fred Cuellar, knows how to play. To honor the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube, Erno Rubik, Fred created Rubik’s Masterpiece. The Masterpiece is a standard Rubik’s Cube design, but this cube is covered with diamonds, other precious stones, and of course precious metals. Fred’s creation is valued at over 2.5 million US Dollars and has several billionaires bidding for the honor of owning the piece. Cuellar has kept the valuable Rubik’s Masterpiece sealed away to protect it from theft, but is releasing it of the Rubik’s Cube tour celebrating the inventor and toy.

Fred Cuellar claims he intends to hold onto the piece and eventually donate it to the Smithsonian Institute to share it with the world and to continue honoring Erno Rubik.

Via Born Rich and Diamond Cutters International