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Mount Fuji Tissue Holder

mount fuji tissue holder

Images of Mount Fuji are found everywhere online, in photo galleries, and adorning products. This majestic volcanic mountain is one of the world’s most recognized locations. Now you can have visions of Mount Fuji when your nose, or other body part, is ready to erupt. The Mount Fuji Tissue holder is a simple, clever, and inexpensive was to keep your tissue close by.

Now the real question is where are you going to put this cool little tissue holder? You can adhere one to the wall in the bathroom as a fun way to store tissue. You could toss one in your briefcase, gym bag, or backpack. Go ahead and throw one in the glove box of  your car, just in case your nose erupts from a sudden blast of pollen.

The Mount Fuji Tissue holders retail for just over $20 with refill tissue packs costing $5. You are not going to find these tissue packs in your local retailer. You need to grab them from the ultra cool White Rabbit Japan website, that helps promote clever Japanese products.

Via White Rabbit Japan