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Mr. Diamond LED Table Lamp

mr diamond led table lamp

Have you avoided buying an LED table light because you felt the lighting was a little unnatural or did not set the right mood for work or relaxation? The award winning Mr. Diamond LED lamp uses a combination of warm and cool LED lamps so you can adjust the color warmth to meet your mood. You have the choice of a 3000K warm light, the 6000K cool light, or hit the middle at 4500K for a true neutral white light. The Mr. Diamond LED Lamp includes a glare free lens to eliminate the other complaint many people have about LED lamps for their home. You get a cool looked diamond shaped lamp in one of 4 cool colors, variable lighting warmth, and glare free lighting. Toss in the fact that LED lighting uses less electricity than other forms of lights, and you have a real winner.

The Mr. Diamond LED Table Lamp sells on Amazon for $179.00

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