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Multi-Purpose Fire Bucket by Menu

fire bucket

Fire Buckets are a great way to add a little light and heat to your patio or deck on a cool evening, but what do you use them for the rest of the time? Menu pondered that same question when they set out to create a better oil burning fire bucket. Their answer was to make the bucket multi-purpose. How did they accomplish that? They used a removable oil burner that you can store in the garage, your basement, or storage shed when it is not needed and use the empty fire bucket to hold a potted plant, or other decorative materials. You could even fill it with sand and use it for an outdoor ashtray until the even turns cool. Then just empty the bucket, insert the oil burner, and light up your fire.

These great looking black fire buckets are made of stainless steel to ward off rust. You can order the Menu Fire Buckets from Amazon for $59.95 including the oil burner.

Via Amazon