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Mustache Cufflinks

mustache cufflinks

Clever, twisted, odd, and cunning, these cufflinks have it all.  Why would anyone wear a pair of mustache cufflinks if they are not part of a Barber Shop Quartet?  To grab attention, of course.  Or just maybe you have a mustache and love it.   Whatever your reason the cufflinks will have people taking a second look and asking you all about them.

These cool cufflinks are designed to work with French cuff shirts and have a mustache on both sides to keep your sleeves in check.  The  mustache is available in stainless steel, high gloss black glass, antique matte brass, or glossy gold plated to name just a few of the cool options.

The Cufflinks are only $59.00 for a pair.

Get a pair via Shapeways