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Necktie Napkins by Hector Serrano

necktie napkins

Have you ever gone into one of those stuffed shirts restaurants that require you to wear a tie? Ridiculous. Hector Serrano created an answer all of  us men can appreciate. He made the Necktie Napkin. Just whip one of these Bad-Boy napkins out of your pocket, stuff it under your collar, and you are ready to enter those high society restaurants and keep the front of your shirt clean. Now personally, I’d rather take my necktie napkin and head out to a restaurant that cuts off neckties before the serve you and watch the looks on their faces. What are they going to do? Cut off your napkin?

The fun begins by getting hold of one of these great necktie napkins created by Hector Serrano. The challenge is finding who has them for sale. Get busy and hunt one down today.

Via Hector Serrano