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Nerf Nuke


This video of the Nerf Nuke is racing around the internet, building a passionate desire to be the king of Nerf mayhem with your finger on the ultimate Nerf weapon of mass destruction, the Nerf Nuke. The Nuke blasts out dozens of Nerf Darts in every direction, allowing you to decimate an entire army of Nerf combatants with a single bomb shot. Sounds amazing. Looks amazing. But…

The Nerf Nuke is a clever  idea from the wild minds at Think Geek who dreamed up the Nuke for an April Fools prank. The idea became so wildly popular with such high interest you can almost imagine the designers at Nerf, or their competitor Mattel, racing to turn the Nuke into reality. Maybe this clever prank will turn into reality in the near future. We certainly hope so.



Via HiConsumption and Think Geek on YouTube