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Nexersys Boxing Unit

nexersys boxing unit

Are you ready to kick your body’s fat to the curb? Do you want to prepare for unexpected challenges on the street? The Nexersys Boxing Unit is an incredible fitness machine and boxing trainer rolled into one. The Nexersys has 7 striking pads for a powerful workout. The integrated training computer pushes you through your paces by telling you which pad to strike at variable rates. You can never be sure which pad is going to be next.

The Boxing Unit should probably be called a kickboxing trainer since it incorporates both hand-strike pads, knee strike, and  foot strike pads. The built-in computer is equipped with over 50 diifferent 4 minute exercise drills. It is like jumping into the ring for a series of 4-minute rounds with an opponent who bobs, weaves, and dances to keep you guessing. This is one workout that challenges and entertains. You can get your own Nexersys for around $3000.

Via Nexersys