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NightSUP – The Illuminated Paddleboard


NightSUP is an illuminated paddleboard that increases the usability of paddleboards into the night. NightSUP is outfitted with a series of LED lights that light-up the water around the paddleboard making it easier to navigate in the dark and increasing visibility to boaters to increase safetey. The side benefit is the lights attract underwater life giving you a spectacular view of the water’s night creatures.

NightSUP has even outfitted the paddles with LED lighting to make it visible, to give you a great way to signal others, and increases your fun. NightSUP comes in a variety of styles custom made. You can also schedule tours to enjoy riding on an illuminated paddleboard at incredible locations. Custom boards complete with lights are available starting at $1725.






Via Toxel and The NightSUP Board