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Nike Air Max 2014

nike air max 2014

Stop writing out your Christmas list. Nike just announced the new Air Max 2014 with a release date of December 5, 2013. It is time to change that list to make sure you are first in line for these awesome new shoes. The Air Max line has been one of the top choices from Nike for decades, but the 2014 creation reinvigorates the breed with amazing style, color depth, and fascinating materials. Designers have produced a new waffle sole for the 2014 iteration of Air Max that provide greater flexibility, more grip, and even less weight. It is hard to believe these feather weight shoes are going to be even lighter this December.

The new uppers provide an amazing appeal with colors that appear to come from deep inside the shoe. Have you been naughty or nice? Who cares! Just make sure you get the Nike Air Max 2014 down on your Christmas list now.

Via HypeBeast and Nike