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Nintendo Monopoly by USAopoly

Nintendo Monopoly

You thought Mario and Luigi were the good guys. You may have believed Kirby was a helpful creature. Is Zelda a hero or an adventurer? Now, due to USAopoly all of these “good guys” from Nintendo are evil land barons, slum lords, and entrepreneurs as they battle each other around the edges of their custom Monopoly board. You have characters for eight of Nintendo’s classic games jumping on board to buy up property and try to put their friends into bankruptcy. What happened to all of the cooperation and heroic attitudes? If you love Monopoly and Nintendo, it is time to put down the controllers and pick up the dice. You can have blast as you adopt the role of your favorite Nintendo character and go on a wild buying frenzy in the world of Monopoly.

You can buy this special edition Monopoly game through Amazon for $39.95.

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