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Nixie – Wearable Drone Camera

nixie drone

Drones paired with GoPro cameras have become the rage among adventurists, but what about the rest of us? This years grand prize winner in Intel’s Make It Wearable contest is solving that problem. Nixie is a tiny quad-copter with a built in camera that you wear on your wrist. You can flip it off ¬†your wrist, it flies to the proper position, opens the lens cover, and captures the ¬†moment. Nixie is set to change the way we take outdoor adventure photographs. The camera is no match for a GoPro and the tiny drone quad-copter would never match performance of a full-size drone, but you eliminate the hassle of carrying all that gear. You just slap on your Nixie, start your adventure, and can let it loose to capture the moment at any time.

Nixie may not be available on the open market, but it does showcase how wearable technology is pushing the boundaries of our imaginations.

Via Digital Trends and Make It Wearable at Intel