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Eye-Opening Documentary Highlights What It Would Be Like If You Had No Internet For A Week

no internet for a week

The No Internet Week project stripped five internet natives of their internet usage for a full week to find out how they would react. Can you imagine being totally disconnected for an entire 7 days. No Google. No YouTube. No Maps. No Facebook. No Pinterest. NOTHING! The four women and 1 man had their smartphones and tablets locked away, their PC’s were stripped of internet access, and the fun began. As one of the participants mentioned going into Day 1, “I’m F’ed.” Day 2 found most of the participants thriving in their disconnected state, but a day letter the tide turned as they started exhibiting their frustration, talking about going mental.

Our lives have become so intertwined with social media, email, and searching for anything we want to know, it has become very hard to disconnect. Would you survive? Most likely we would all survive, but we would probably be on the verge of going mental, too.

Via Laughing Squid and No Internet Week