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Notebook Beard

notebook beard

Have you ever noticed how some of the most brilliant minds in science, medicine, and creativity like to sit around and tug on their beards as they think? What are you supposed to do if you do not have a beard? You could just jot your notes down in a notebook, or be totally cool and use the one notebook that plays the role of pseudo beard, master disguise, and notebook. The Notebook Beard is a fun addition to your pocket or briefcase. It gives you a place to jot down those items you are sure to forget, but also lets you have fun by “putting on” a beard in an instant to capture attention or to do some deep thinking. These cool notebooks are great fun for your kids, too. They can playfully put on their beards at school to start their friends laughing and their teachers frowning.

You can a 2-pack of the Notebook Beards from the CoolMaterial Shop for only $9.99.

Via The Cool Material Shop