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Nude Audio Speakers

nude audio speakers

When you go shopping for speakers you commonly have to make a tough decision. Do you want great sound and style, or do you want a low price? Nude Audio throws that decision out the window providing a series of speakers that combine high quality sound, cutting edge style, and a low price. 75 percent of the line throws away one other item, too. They eliminate the wire. The Nude Audio speakers come with four options, a small wired version, and three speakers growing in size and vibrancy that are all wireless bluetooth. The series of speakers provide robust sound from small enclosures that are perfect to move from room to room with your portable media device. Did we mention the speakers have 8 hour rechargeable battery life?

The coolest thing about the Nude Audio speakers is their combination of price, technology, and audio quality. The speakers start at $29.99 for the wired version and only $99.99 for the top end wireless edition.

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