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Paperclips are so boring. With Numberclips you can start having fun playing with all of your school or work papers again. Numberclips are fun little paperclips which have be bent and twisted to create the numbers from 0 to 9. You might expect these unusual shapes will make the clips less capable at holding your papers, but you are in for a nice surprise.

The Numberclips works identically, and equally well, to standard papersclips but give you that little added flair on your desk. Each number is in a separate bright color to give them a little extra zing. You may want to keep a box of regular paperclips in your desk since the cost of these clever little clips is $5 for a set of 10.

Go ahead and keep your colorful and fun Numberclips at your own desk and send those boring old paperclips on to your boss and co-workers, they will never know the difference. You can keep decorating your area with the colorful plastic coated clips.

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