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Old School Knives by Chelsea Miller Bring Out the Real Cool

old school knives chelsea miller

Chelsea Miller has turned back the clock to a time where knives were real works of art created by craftsmen, on in this case, a craftswoman. Chelsea created the blades for this fantastic cutting tools from high carbon steel she reclaims from discarded horse files used by Vermont farriers. She had crafts every blade, meaning every blade is unique, one of a kind. She then pairs the blades with local hardwood handles from Vermont. The handles may be created from cherry, apple, maple, or other hardwoods found on the farm where she grew up.

The knives, graters, and cleavers that Chelsea creates are old school designs, that bring the coolest feeling to your kitchen possible. These kitchen tools are not cheap, but they are magnificent. The knives and other tools start at $350.

Via Chelsea Miller Knives