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Orfos Flare Bike Lights Provide 360º Of Bright Safety


Night bicycle riding is filled with danger. A car, truck or even a motorcyclist can miss seeing you in the darkness and a disaster occurs. Orfos is the brightest most innovative way to keep yourself safe at night. Orfos was designed by an electrical engineer with a passion for riding at night. He created a set of lights that provide 360º of light so others can see you from any angle. He used LED lights to produce a white light that reaches 500 lumens with the red light brightening the air with 300 lumens of power. Orfos uses a powerful magnetic mount so you can place it anywhere on your bike, car, or even on a small metal plate on your backpack.

Orfoas is being funded by a Kickstarter project, where you can order a red and white pair for just $229, or get just one color for $119.

Via KickStarter