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Origami Wine Tote

origami wine tote

This wine tote is incredible. The Origami Wine Tote collapses down to easily fit inside a briefcase, handbag, or an over-sized pocket on your 6-pocket pants. That is already cool, but not the thing that you will really love. The tote is made out of neoprene wetsuit material which lets you keep a chilled bottle of wine cold for up to 4 hours. Think about that. You have a tote the scrunches down to a tiny size so you can keep it in the glove box of your car, but when you buy that cold bottle of wine at the store you can keep it cold. Just pop it into the tote, seal it up, pick up the pizza, and head over to your gal’s place. The start of a great evening.

The Origami Wine Tote is available for under $20 from Amazon and is created by Built NY. It is available in black and burgundy.

origami wine tote

Via Amazon and Built NY