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Ouija Board Coffee Table and Rug

ouija board coffee table and rug

Dave Delisle is known for the wild ideas he shares on Dave’s Geeky Ideas, but now we are not sure if he just hit a homerun, or is eerily strange. Dave’s latest concept is a coffee table built in the shape of the Ouija Board puck and a matching Ouija Board rug to put under it. Now instead of leaning over the table with your friends to experiment with the Ouija Board, you can just use the entire living room. Our only fear, what if it works? Imagine the entire table sliding around the carpet spelling out, “Get me a beer!” Ok, maybe someone at the table is just thirsty and is giving the table a little extra push.

If you love the eerie side of life, this concept is right up your street.

Via Incredible Things and Dave’s Geeky Ideas