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Outlaw Fasteners End Stripped Heads for Good!

outlaw fasteners

You turn that screwdriver blade and feel that awful slip as the head of the screw strips. You are stuck with a screw you cannot finish screwing into place, or just as bad, a screw you cannot get out. Outlaw Fasteners came up with an innovative way to eliminate stripped heads. Their new screws and driver have multiple levels of hex head sockets. If one layer strips, you have two more layers ready for action. The driver dips into all three sockets simultaneously giving you incredible hold power that makes it virtually impossible to strip the heads. If the driver slips, it may round off one socket, but the others stay intact.

The Outlaw Fasteners just completed their Kickstarter funding project and are now taking pre-orders through their website.

Via Uncrate and Outlaw Fasteners