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Paper Shooters Cardboard Assault Rifles

paper shooters cardboard assault rifles

Real guns can be extremely dangerous and deadly, but the Paper Shooters Cardboard Assault Rifles are only going to create cries of “Wicked”, “Wild”, and “Incredible” and maybe a few “Ouch” when someone gets tickled by a paper bullet launched from one of these crazy guns. These cardboard rifles are a hot crowd source project on IndieGoGo.

The rifles are built using a plastic frame with an Airsoft type shooting mechanism. The outer skin is made from printed high quality cardboard. The creator even sells the plans to make your own skins for your rifle. The bullets are simple formed paper shots you make yourself. The kit includes the forms for making your own ammo.

The rifles are capable of shoot their paper loads up to 75 feet. Blueprints are available starting at $20, with complete kits starting at $55. You can pre-order today through the IndieGoGo project.

Via IndieGoGo