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PAWSE Automatic Retractable Dog Leash On A Collar

pawse automatic dog leash

It is great fun to unleash your dog at the park or on a walking trail, but you still need the ability to restrain him in a moment if anything goes wrong. PAWSE is a clever new product that allows you to keep a leash on your dog 100% of the time, but he will never notice. PAWSE is a snap-on attachment for your dog’s collar that gives you an easy to handle dog leash that is always in place. It is built with a retractable steel cable that is strong enough to pull a car, but small enough to disappear into the tiny box on the dog collar. It includes an easy to grasp soft handle making it easy to get control of your dog when needed.

PAWSE is always ready, whether you are just opening the door to let a friend into your house, or if you are out at the dog park for an afternoon of play. PAWSE is being built through a KickStarter project. You can reserve your PAWSE for $30.





Via KickStarter