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Pax Portable Vaporizer

pax vaporizer

You see vape users walking around the malls, in offices, and in the malls puffing away on their e-cigarettes, but did you ever wonder what is inside? Most of those vaporizers use a liquid mix to create that smoke and lose the rich tobacco taste many smokers crave. Pax from Ploom is very different. Instead of working only with liquids, it can actually vaporize real loose leaf tobacco providing that rich flavor tobacco users crave, but without many of the harsh problems from actual smoking.

To make it even more acceptable in public is the fact it does not look like a cigarette, does not smell like a cigarette, and even looks fashionable. Pax from Ploom sells for $249.95 on the Ploomwebsite. Is this the future of tobacco? Only time, and perhaps legislation, will tell.

Via Ploom