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Philips Friends of Hue Lighting

philips friends of hue

Have you ever stared in wonder at the beautiful mood lighting some homeowners use in their rooms or outdoors? The colors are inspiring and add a touch of magic. Did you ever stop to wonder what they are going to do when seasons change, their mood is different, or they redecorate? The Philips Friends of Hue lighting system is an innovative new look at mood lighting. Philips uses LightStrips that allow you to adjust, program, and create any hue, or series of hues, you want to set the mood of a display or room. When you need to change the lighting for a new project, or your new mood, you just change a few settings and have the perfect colors for today. You can eliminate the need to change fixtures, bulbs, and filters, and do it all with the new system from Philips.

How many colors can you dial in? Philips claims you can choose between 16 million colors with a brightness up to 120 lumens. Now that is mood lighting done right.

Via Philips