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Playboy Portable Hard Drive

playboy portable hard drive

You could almost make an argument the Playboy Portable Hard Drive is worth the $300 for the portable 250 gigabyte hard drive just due to style, but that is not what makes this item cool. What is cool is what the Playboy Archive team stuffed on that 250 gigabyte drive. You get complete digital copies of every Playboy magazine produced from the first issue in 1953 through the end of 2010. That is over 650 issues of Playboy magazine packed with stories and the enticing Playboy ladies from 6 decades. If you want to give a gift a friend will never forget, this is it. Of course, it is highly debatable if this is the perfect gift for a bachelor’s party, or the ultimate deal-breaker just before marriage.

The women of Playboy may be the reason you want the Playboy Portable Hard Drive, but you will be equally amazed reading the stories, interviews, and even the advertisements from the last 6 decades. An amazing archive for a highly reasonable price. Available from the Playboy Archive.

Via Headlines and Heroes and The Playboy Archive