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PocketPlug iPhone Charging Case by Prong

pocket plug iphone case

Do you hate carrying around a charger or charging cable for your iPhone? Smart phones of all types consume their batteries at amazing rates and leave us looking for an easy way to keep them charged. Prong created the original PocketPlug case for iPhones and has just updated it for the iPhone 5. What is the PocketPlug? It is a case that protects your iPhone from damage, but also has a folding electric plug and built in charger so you can plug your phone into any outlet for an immediate charge. You never have to worry about carrying a charger or charging cable again. You just flip out the two electrical prongs, plug in  your phone while it is still in the case, and wait for it to charge.

One of the most innovative cases and charging systems on the market and priced at only $59 on Amazon.



Via HiC and Amazon