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Polaroid Supercolor Espirit Cool on the Comeback

polaroid vintage supercolor esprit camera

This camera is a real throw back to the days of totally cool instant photographs.  You would snap the picture an in just moments have a real photograph developing right in front of your eyes.  This pink and gray camera with light blue highlights was one of the wild color combinations Polaroid offered. 

Today you can only find these cameras in the hands of collectors or in this case a collector who rents them.  Not only does he offer this ultra-cool eye-catching camera, but has the traditional Polaroid 1000 Land Camera, a Spice Girls collectible, and even rarer the Tazmanian Devil camera from Polaroid.

Your real challenge with these cameras is landing the film which in no longer in production.  You can still easily find it, but it commands a much higher price.  If you choose to rent a Polaroid camera make sure you check into the film first.

The Polaroid Instant cameras are still big hit at parties.  If you want to experience one of these great classic cameras you need to do it soon.