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Pongo Portable Ping Pong Set


They might like to call it table tennis for the olympics, but we all know it is really ping pong, one of our favorite sports due to its simplicity and fun, but there never seems to be a table around. With Pongo Ping Pong, any table becomes a ping pong table in moments. The Pongo has a retractable net that can be stretched to full regulation size, but can also be adjusted to any smaller size, too. The two net stands can be hooked safely to virtually any table, making finding a playing surface a breeze. Inside the stands, down in the hole, or hidden ping pong balls ready for action.

With Pongo, you can turn your dining room table, a card table, or even a bar into a ping pong table surface to have a rousing round of action. It may not be olympic class table tennis, but is one a lot of fun for just $40 at Amazon.





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