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Popcord Keyring Charger The Unforgettable Cell Phone Charging Cable


How often do you run out of juice on you iPhone or a cell phone with a micro USB charger? It is too often to admit, isn’t it? Popcord eliminates the chances of you leaving home without a charging cable by building it right into your keyring. The Popcord comes in two varieties, the micro USB or with a Lightning connector. Obviously, this idea has a lot of merit. Popcord is a KickStarter project that has already blasted past its target due to high interest in having a charging cable with you all the time.

Imagine, any time you leave home you take your house keys or car keys along with you, and now that means you take a charging cable along, too. You can pre-order a Popcord today on their Kickstarter page for $30.




Via Kickstarter