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PowerUp FPV

powerup fpv

Remember those paper airplanes you use to have so much fun building and flying around in elementary school? Now PowerUp has made it possible for us to enjoy that same fun in a remote-controlled, first person view airplane. The new PowerUp FPV features a strapped rotating, ultra wide-angle camera, that allows you to capture and stream forward-facing, rear-view and even wing-view footage while flying. Its MIMO WiFi antenna allows the FPV to have a range of around 300 feet and flies intuitively with either head mounted display gestures or an in-app gamepad. Made with durability in mind, this small FPV is made with carbon fiber and nylon reinforced frame, crash detection that shuts off its motor before impact, and attains speeds of up to 20 miles per hour for 10 minutes of flight time. This FPV will be selling for around $200 and will also be available on Kickstarter soon.


You can learn more about this FPV via PowerUp Toys.