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Professional Microbrewery

professional microbrewery

Did you claim you are serious about making beer? How serious? The Professional Microbrewery from Hammacher Schlemmer is going to test just how serious you are. This is not a toy. It is not a machine to make a few bottles of beer. This is a real beer making machine that allows you to start producing a microbrew on a true micro scale. It includes all the proper tanks, piping, filters, and controls to change you from a hobbyist into a real brewmeister.

Now here is the challenge. Before ordering this incredible microbrewery you need to check with local authorities to make sure you are not violating local alcohol production rules. You can usually brew enough beer for yourself and a few friends, but this machine allows you to create enough to share and to sell. Do you want to become the next beer making legend? Hammacher Schlemmer has put it within reach.

Via Hammacher Schlemmer