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Putter Pool Indoor Game

putter pool indoor game

What is your favorite game, billiards or golf? What if it came down to a game of eight ball or a round of miniature golf? The answer is tough. All of those games are fun and can be played by most of the family. What would happen if you combined both? Answer: You get the Putter Pool Indoor Game from HearthSong. The game is laid out like a traditional pool table with 4 corner pockets and two side pockets, but it is all down on the floor. You use the set of included billiard balls to play, but you do not use a cue. Instead, you use the putters to try to win the game of pool.

The game is simple to learn and fun to play, but even cooler is the fact it helps with the accuracy of your putting. You have to keep you eye on the ball, focus on your target, and use the proper speed to drop those balls in the pockets. It is a ton of fun for just $79.95 on Amazon.

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