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Recycled Mail Sack iPad Case

recycled mail sack ipad case

Thanks to the post office we can have our iPad delivered safely anywhere we go.  This is very interesting idea and may qualify as the best iPad case for mail junkies. The case is created out of recycled mail bags making them extremely eco-friendly.  Admittedly the tough canvas mail sack might seem a little rough to hold your iPad, but the manufacturer stayed with their reclaimed material idea and covered the entire inside of the bag with silky soft ultrasuede remnants.  The ultrasuede cuddles your iPad safely on the interior of this extremely tough bag.

The cases are assembled by hand, not just thrown together on some factory sewing machine.  One cool feature is every bag is unique.  Since all of the mail bags have seen the wars of being tossed around in post offices and mail trucks they have their own unique patterns of wear and stains. These cool iPad cases cost $55 online.

Via Cool Materials can be purchased through Uncommon Goods